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Offshore Injury

Working offshore is an exciting and rewarding career, but the dangers associated with the job are real. With an ever-changing environment, injury accidents happen on both a vessel and rig. Offshore injury accidents are complicated due to the rules and regulations under the Jones Act. The Jones Act (originally called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 and sometimes referred to as the Death on the High Seas Act) provides injured seamen with the right to bring legal action against the employer for damages resulting from his or her injuries on the vessel.

Attorney J. Craig Jones is experienced in handling cases involving offshore accidents and the Jones Act. If you’re looking for the right law firm for offshore drilling or oil rig accidents, then contact J. Craig Jones.

What can you do if you are involved in an accident offshore? Follow these simple tips that will help protect your rights, and potential compensation, when involved in this type of accident.

  • Be sure you qualify for a Jones Act case
    A key element to qualifying for a Jones Act case is that the injured person must be classified as a seaman. To see if you qualify, review the list below:

    • The vessel the seaman is on must have been in navigation or docked at the time of the injury.
    • There must be a relatively permanent connection between you and either a single vessel, or a group of vessels under common ownership.
    • The injured seaman must have been aboard the vessel primarily to perform duties outlined under his employment and those duties must have contributed to a primary function of the vessel or the accomplishment of a mission. The court does not evaluate the worker’s connection to a vessel or a fleet at just the moment of injury, but instead evaluates a seaman’s relationship to a vessel or a fleet as if that seaman were to have completed the mission uninjured.
  • See a doctor
    Due to the harsh and changing environment, injuries offshore can be serious. Whether injuries are apparent or not, we recommend consulting with a licensed practitioner to properly document any injuries sustained during an accident.  Accidents can cause severe injuries or even death, resulting in hospitalization, multiple doctors’ visits and therapy, causing significant medical costs. It is important for you to consult a personal injury attorney like J. Craig Jones to ensure that you are protecting your rights with regards to these medical expenses.Injuries often associated with a offshore accidents include:

    • Death
    • Dismemberment
    • Broken Bones
    • Back / Neck Injuries
    • Paralysis
    • Chemical Exposure and many others

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